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Client Testimonials

"Ed is extremely loyal, honest, professional and kind. He is proactive and tenacious when it comes to finding the right insurance plan for you - no matter how little or how much you intend to spend. I am a musician who hadn't had health insurance for years, and Ed helped to find a situation that would be both affordable and helpful to me. I'm very happy with his work and assistance!"
- Kirsten

"I have known Ed and his wife, Mary for over 13 years. He and I were Chartered Members of the K of C Council in Inverness, IL. He is a Past Grand Knight and Past District Deputy, with great leadership skills. In business, he specializes in consulting and selling of Health Insurance plans to individuals and businesses. He would definitely be a person I would trust, to call for a health insurance quote. "
- William

"Ed has the best knowledge of the health insurance industry and always give solid advice on plans and costs that are best for me and my family. I would recommend him to anyone needing health insurance."
- Constance